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Barry Coulter's O- Gauge Train Repair

O Gauge Train Repair is a factory-trained authorized service station for Lionel Model Trains.
Barry Coulter is authorized to do warranty work on Lionel model trains and accessories.


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Keep your toy trains running smoothly with repairs by Coulter O Gauge Repair Service.



Welcome to Coulter O Gauge Repair

 I am Barry Coulter.


I repair model trains and accessories for the following  ... 

Lionel   American Flyer    MTH    Williams    Atlas    Weaver    Marx

I work on a variety of train gauges, including G, S, O and standard gauge.

I provide basic maintenance services including cleaning, lubricating, electrical wiring and mechanical repairs. 

I repair accessories from the common companies like, Lionel, American Flyer, MTH and others.

My rates are affordable and my knowledge of many years is extensive.  I offer old fashioned service with a personal touch that you'll appreciate.

Prior to services rendered, I provide my customers with a free estimate of time and cost of materials.  My standard diagnostic service and repair rate is $25 per hour.   

Shipping and handling fees are figured at a direct cost of the shipping provider.  

Payments accepted:  personal check or postal money order.

I enjoy helping model train collectors and operators bring their old trains back to life and newer trains, also. 

Basic maintenance and model train cleaning and lubrication are essential to keep your model trains running smoothly.  When in daily use, your trains should be cleaned more frequently, or if operating seasonally, they should be cleaned and lubricated once per season of use. 

If your trains won't run, there is likely a mechanical or electrical problem.  This can be fixed.  Whether your train has been neglected or has simply gone unused for many years, I have the expertise to diagnose the problems and make the necessary repairs to bring your train back to full and smooth operation.  

My diagnostic and repair services are available at the affordable rate of $25 per hour.

Repair Parts and Accessories:   

Where replacement parts are necessary, I use quality factory-type repair parts.  

 O Gauge Repair is dedicated to provide model train collectors and enthusiasts with  quality repair and maintenance service.

Ship your model trains to me, or make an appointment to bring them in person.


Shipping Address

O Gauge Repair

418 West Fort Street

Farmington, Illinois 61531


Contact Information

Telephone:   309-245-2207
Postal address
418 West Fort Street, Farmington, Illinois 61531
Electronic mail:

Keep your toy trains running smoothly with repairs by Coulter O-Gauge Repair Service.

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